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 At TheGeckoTree, we pride ourselves on taking the best possible care of our animals. Should you purchase an animal from us, we will offer a 7 day health guarantee PROVIDED you follow the guidelines of our caresheet. Also, for this guarantee to stand, you must contact us at the FIRST sign if a problem arises. Whether it's a small concern or not, please contact us first so we can rectify the situation.

 If you can't agree to these simple terms, we may revoke the 7 day health guarantee and we reserve the right to refuse purchase. Please keep in mind these are our pets first and foremost, whether they are adults, juveniles or hatchlings, and we would like to see these amazing animals go to forever homes that will take care of them properly.

 ** Please be advised, we will not sell to anyone under the age of 18 years without parental consent.**


Animals that are marked as probable Female are just that - meaning we have sexed them with a loupe and at the current weight they are listed, we do not see any pores. This is not to be mistaken as a guaranteed female. 


If by chance a gecko loses it's tail in shipping, or on your drive home, we are not held responsible for this. Accidents can happen, and geckos can get spooked.


 Payment types that are accepted are EMT (Email Money Transfer) and cash.

If you would like us to hold something a 50% deposit is required, and the rest of the payment can be made at a later date. (Within 1 month)


If you would like to purchase many animals, and are wondering if a payment plan is an option, please contact us via email for more details.

                                               **All DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE**



The cost of shipping is covered by the buyer. For example, If you are buying a $160.00 gecko, and shipping is $100.00, your total would then be $260.00.  

We do not ship automatically after we receive payment. We will arrange a date that works with you to ship your geckos out. We need to make sure that you are able to go to the Airport and pick up your gecko. 

We are happy to hold your gecko with payment until shipping weather allows for safe shipping. 

Shipping must be scheduled a minimum of 48 hours in advance and will only be scheduled after payment has been made in full.

I will not ship geckos in conditions that would prove to be lethal for the animals. This means that I will not ship any Crested, Gargoyle, Leachianus or Chahoua geckos if the temperatures outside are lower than 1°C (34°F) or greater than 25°C (77°F) - This applies to temperatures in both locations. If it is perfect here, and too warm there, we will not ship. The same applies if it is too cool. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS! 

 Our animals safety comes first, we will not ship if it is not safe for them.  

 A waybill number will be provided to you once the shipment is booked. Please always make sure to bring identification with you when you go to the Cargo centre to pick up your gecko. ID is absolutely required. 

Once you pick up your Gecko from the Cargo department, please notify us within 2 hours of pick up that the animal has arrived alive.

 Live Arrival Guarantee

We offer a live arrival guarantee with our animals. However, should tragedy occur and an animal arrives dead, we must be notified Immediately. A photo of the dead animal is required for proof. If you can not provide a photo, you must arrange to have the animal(s) shipped back to us.

 Once a photo/photos have been sent, we can then work out a replacement gecko, a credit or a refund.


 If you are local and looking to buy a gecko, we will arrange a local meeting place or we can arrange for delivery depending on location. Some deliveries may be subject to a delivery charge.  

 For security purposes, and the safety of our animals, ourselves and our home, we do not allow strangers to come into our home to view geckos.

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