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        So you want to buy a Crested gecko? That is awesome!


Feeling a bit overwhelmed and not quite sure exactly what you need and what you don’t need to provide for this amazing little critter? Here at The Gecko Tree we are here to help you out.



ü      First things first. An enclosure! A ten gallon sized tank that can be put on end is the absolute bare minimum for an adult gecko. I personally like to use the Exo-Terra style enclosures in the 12x12x18 and 18x18x24 size. Bigger is better! If you can give your gecko a huge enclosure, go for it!


ü      Do you have a hatchling/baby gecko? No problem! Baby geckos can easily be set up in a plastic “Kritter Keeper” type of enclosure. Once your baby grows, make sure you have put money aside to buy a big tank when it’s all grown up.



ü      **TIP** Always make sure to have 2 types of enclosures on hand. Sometimes accidents happen and glass tanks can get broken. It also makes it much easier to have a smaller temporary enclosure especially when you’re cleaning your geckos home. Sometimes you can scare them if you go into their home and start pulling all the furnishings out. Always take your gecko out first before doing this!


ü      Foliage. Lots, and lots of foliage/leaves/shrubs, branches/vines/sticks. Offering this will provide adequate hiding spots and a stimulating environment. The goal here is to make your enclosure look like a mini-jungle. Think like a gecko for a moment, would you like to live in an empty enclosure with one stick and 1 plan and have the entire thing be practically bare? NO WAY! Have fun with this and deck it out. Your gecko will thank you for it!



ü      Substrate! You can use paper towel (recommended for hatchlings and juvenile geckos) or you can use soil and peat moss. A soil and peat moss mixture makes it easier to maintain humidity levels!


ü      Live plants! If you have a green thumb and would like to create a real “mini-jungle” be sure to do lots of research to pick appropriate plants that will flourish in your geckos environment, and that are not toxic. A live planted enclosure is not necessary for them though if you cannot do it. 



ü      A mister. Don’t forget to mist twice a day!


ü      The geckos gotta eat! Make sure to pick up some Repashy Crested Gecko Diet. There are many local breeders/hobbyists that carry the product. If you can’t find it local, you can order it online directly from



ü      A food dish.


ü      Are you going to feed crickets once weekly? Awesome! Make sure to pick up some Repashy Calcium Plus ICB to ‘dust’ your crickets with. This is REALLY important.



ü      Food for your crickets. Repashy Superfoods makes a product called ‘bug burger’ for crickets that is a perfect gutload!

ü      Do you know where you can find a qualified reptile veterinarian? Make sure that you do! Sometimes geckos need doctors too.

ü      Finally, the gecko. Make sure you take the time to find a reputable breeder that breeds healthy, quality animals and that is honest and passionate about what they do!


      Written by Heather Jodoin Foucault – The Gecko Tree


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