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Quotes After dealing with the Gecko Tree on several occasions I have found that impeccable husbandry and stunning animals is to be expected! They care for their animals like they are their children, and it?s refreshing to see husbandry come first and foremost. I have a few different species of gecko now in my collection from the Gecko Tree and time after time I am amazed at the healthy and stunning animals they offer. They are always in touch providing care advice to others, regardless of if the animal has come from them and offer endless support and knowledge to the community. If you are looking for an animal with excellent genetics, excellent color, excellent health or if you are playing with the idea of having a fur-less friend in your home, I would recommend shooting them a line and see firsthand what healthy reptiles look like. Quotes
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Quotes Heather's geckos are always in wonderful shape. The animals she produces are beautiful and well cared for, because she puts so much time into making sure they are healthy and happy little animals. Her breeders are always healthy, she would never breed an animal that was too small or young to produce babies. She puts her whole heart into caring for her geckos, and her care really shows itself in the quality of the offspring she produces. Quotes
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