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Quotes Even though we bought our gecko through another breeder, the folks at the gecko tree were willing to answer any and all of our questions - everything from how to transport our gecko home to what we should expect as the gecko settles in. We were really impressed with the help. Quotes
S. Edge
Very helpful

Quotes The Gecko Tree was recommended to me when I was having concerns with two of my cresties, and I couldn't be happier! Heather walked me through what we were seeing, figuring out what to do, and checked in to make sure we were getting back to happy, thriving geckos. If we ever increase our bunch, this is the only place I would ever go. Thank you so much for everything! Quotes
Exceptional knowledge & care!

Quotes I recently purchased a stunning crested gecko from Heather at thegeckotree. Heather is extremely friendly and is a wealth of knowledge with cresteds. She made sure I had everything covered in regards to care, husbandry and diet. She even delivered the gecko directly to my house! She is great with responding to emails and I could pick her brain all day. Thank you for the crestie, and for your 5 star customer service! Quotes
Cresteds and service

Quotes Hi Heather! Its Liam, i bought a crested gecko from you last August! He is doing great! He is very big for his age! Quotes

Quotes Bought an extreme male harley tri-colour from you at the show, I was the one who told you that you had the best looking cresties by far. Thank you so much, I am really enjoying him. Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to say that you have gogreous cresties! My female I bought from you as a young baby has now turned into an amazing adult. Every time you post new updates I always want to get more geckos! Quotes
Gorgeous cresties

Quotes Just wanted to say thank you for all your help on my first gecko. I have had my Gargoyle gecko for a year and a half now and he still is doing well. Quotes

Quotes Even though I purchased my gecko from someone else, Heather has always come through with amazing, expert advice in regards to care. The love she has for her geckos really shines through. She is dedicated, and her customer service is fantastic. If I do want to buy another gecko, she is definitely who I would buy from! Quotes
Expert advice!

Quotes I purchased a young female Gargoyle from TheGeckoTree two years ago and I am SO happy with how she turned out! She is large, has a great appetite, is beautiful and is very friendly. Will recommend TheGeckoTree to anyone. Quotes
Gargoyle Gecko

Quotes I purchased a young striped gargoyle gecko from The Gecko Tree almost a year ago. He is healthy, active and very attractive. My experience with the gecko tree was and continues to be very pleasant. They go out of their way to provide education and make you feel comfortable with your purchase. Even after purchasing a gecko, The Gecko Tree will continue to answer question and provide support for you and your new pet! They go above and beyond what is expected and are sure to impress you!! I will be purchasing more geckos from The Gecko Tree in the future and would recommend them to anyone interested in acquiring a gecko. Quotes
Very impressed!